Evergreen Home Care

Many treatments previously limited to the hospital are now being administered in the home setting by our caring hometown staff. Evergreen Home Care’s objective is to bring quality care directly to the homes of our patients. Our agency provides a wide range of services from skilled nursing, aide services and physical therapy services.

Care and skills brought to you at your home may include:

• Wound Care
• Dietary Instruction
• I.V. Medications
• Vein Puncture
• Skilled Assessment
• Gastrostomy Feedings
• Management of venous catheters
• Maintenance of Foley Catheters
• Personal Care
• Physical Therapy

Take advantage of these health care services available free of charge in your area:

  • Pulse Rates
  • Glucose Level (Blood Sugar) Checks
  • Blood Pressure Checks

Any questions, please call Evergreen Home Care at 251.578.6800