Inpatient Services

The nursing staff of EMC provides the highest level of quality care in collaboration with other members of your inpatient healthcare team including pharmacy, respiratory, laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and case management. We strive to exceed the expectations of our patients, families, and the community in all aspects of care, particularly when it comes to safety and privacy.

Our patients’ safety is our first concern. There are many areas that contribute to our patients’ safety, and one that is of utmost importance is prescribing and administering the correct medication. Advances in technology allow EMC to ensure our patients receive safe, quality care. EMC continually takes proactive measures by investing in state-of-the-art system upgrades that will assist our staff in delivering that safe, quality care.

Our staff is currently using an advanced automated medication management system, the Pyxis MedStation 4000, and also Medication Administration Verification, or Med-Verify. The Pyxis 4000, a medication dispensing station used by the nursing staff, allows for the first electronic check in delivering medication safely to our patients. The second check is the new Med-Verify. This system requires the staff to scan the patient’s armband and each medication to ensure the correct medication is given every time. These new systems take patient safety to a higher level at EMC.

In this age of ‘information at your fingertips,’ your health information record has taken on a new life. EMC’s nurses now make use of computerized documentation, which allows for the patient’s health information, medications and history to be uploaded onto rolling computers.

We believe in offering the best care possible to our patients and community. With this technology and our dedicated, caring staff, EMC continues to demonstrate that we are a forward moving, rural community hospital. We are dedicated to our mission of delivering quality healthcare inclusive of Mind, Body, and Soul, meeting the needs and expectations of the individual, family and community.