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Full Time MRI Services

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Evergreen Medical Center Announces Full Time MRI Services

Evergreen Medical Center emphasizes its mission of being committed to delivering quality healthcare with the installation of a General Electric 1.5 Tesla LX HiSpeed MRI scanner. This scanner brings five day a week MRI services to Evergreen Medical Center’s Radiology Department.

“We strive to provide our community with convenient quality healthcare that is available when you need it,” states Bill King, Director of Radiology. “We are excited to announce that we are now able to provide full time MRI services at Evergreen Medical Center and EMC Diagnostics. The increase in MRI availability allows us to provide convenience, availability and improved care to our patients.”

Previously EMC provided MRI services once a week, but now outpatient MRI services are available Monday through Friday. The Radiology Technologists, Bill King, RT(R), CRA and Tonya Moore, RT(R), (CT) will be performing MRI’s at EMC Diagnostics and are participating in an intensive two month training program in order to be able to provide a full range of MRI exams for our patients and referring physicians.

“The full time MRI scanner is the latest change to EMC Diagnostics,” adds Bill. “While the hospital continues to offer film mammography, the rest of our services are digital with physicians able to read tests via an online viewing system called PACS.” A physician’s order is required for all Radiology procedures, except for Screening Mammograms. To schedule an appointment, please call EMC Diagnostics at 251-578-0146.

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