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EMC Implement Computerized Physician Order Entry

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Evergreen Medical Center Implements CPOE

Dr. Mark Roberts, M.D. using EMC’s new computer program that will increase patient safety and efficiency.

Evergreen Medical Center has recently implemented CPOE (Computerized Physician’s Order Entry) software. The implementation of this software is one of the final steps in completing an EMR (Electronic Medical Record). EMC should have a complete EMR by 2011; 3 years before the federal mandate of 2014.

The new software allows physicians to enter orders for medication and tests electronically, which increases patient safety by eliminating the need to interpret the physician’s handwriting. It also increases the efficiency with which the orders can be executed resulting in a greater level of patient care.

The software will provide the physicians with real-time results from lab reports, x-ray reports and digital x-rays from any computer with a secure internet connection. Previous medical records may also be accessed allowing the physicians a greater level of information for patient treatment. This is just one more way EMC is continuously pursuing excellent medical care.

Evergreen Medical Center is located in the south central Alabama city of Evergreen, halfway between the beautiful white-sand beaches of the Gulf Coast and the Alabama state capital of Montgomery. We are a 44-bed hospital with a hospital-based home health agency, Evergreen Home Care, and hospice agency, EMC Hospice, serving Evergreen as well as her surrounding communities.

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