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Hospital Recognizes Lab Professionals

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Hospital Recognizes Lab Professionals

Evergreen, AL -In celebration of National Medical Laboratory Week, April 21 – 27, 2013, Evergreen Medical Center recognizes its lab employees for their contribution to medical care. Lab professionals perform tests that are vital to the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.

“Up to 70 percent of all diagnostic information generated to treat patients is provided by clinical laboratories,” said Alice Anderson, director of laboratory services at Evergreen Medical Center.

Due to stronger emphasis on preventive medicine, including early detection and patient responsibility, demand is increasing for medical laboratory testing, according to the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Our laboratorians understand that although the demands are great, their role in helping patients recover from illness could not be done without them. They are highly motivated to generate the most accurate results possible.

Anderson explained that clinical laboratories today are very high-tech departments that deliver a wide variety of test results the same day, whereas 15 years ago it would have taken longer than 24 hours.

Evergreen Medical Center’s lab employees perform nearly 210,000 lab procedures annually. ¬†With the celebration theme “Laboratory Professionals Get Results”, we honor our lab employees with a special thank you for all your hard work and dedication to EMC and it’s patients.

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